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Tacoma-Bumper-Repair-ServiceSave money with bumper repairs.  Your bumper may not need replacement.  Bumper repairs offer a fast and affordable solution to your bumper problems.  Bumper repair removes scratches, dents and cracks. 

Bumper repair is possible as long as the bumper is intact without significant damage.  With bumper repair your bumpers are usually repaired in the same day.  Bumper replacement can take up to a week waiting on parts and services.

  • Costs less than bumper replacement
  • Done in less time than bumper replacement
  • Repairs scratches, dents and cracks
  • Repairs bumper dings
  • Repair or replacement for plastic and metal bumpers
  • Bumper repair for cars, trucks and vans


Bumper Repair Service

Tacoma Bumper-RepairsVisit Metal Magic for bumper repair service. We're highly trained in bumper repairs for your vehicles. Bumper repair and replacement for plastic bumpers. Metal bumper repairs require replacement. Bumper repair service is done for both foreign and domestic vehicles. 

We can take paint transfer off and rebuff your bumper or  repaint your bumpers. Our bumper repair service can remove small to football sized dents.  Choose Metal Magic for bumper repair service.

  • In-house bumper repair service
  • Repair and replace plastic bumper
  • Replacement (only) of metal bumpers
  • Commercial fleet bumper repairs
  • Paint rebuffing
  • Foreign and domestic vehicles
  • Affordable same-day service


Get the “metal makeover” you need at Metal Magic.  Contact us today  for the best in paintless dent repair.