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Window Tinting in Tacoma Car Window Tint Trucks Vans SUVs


Auto-Body-ProtectionWindow tinting offers a variety of cosmetic and security benefits.  Window tinting keeps the inside of your vehicle cooler on hot days.   Window tinting stops sunlight from dulling your vehicle seats. 

Window tinting improves the look of your vehicle.  It provides a sporty or elegant look for your vehicle.  Window tinting can be a deterrent to car thieves. 

Window tinting will also keep sunlight from cracking or peeling your vehicle seats.  Protect your vehicle interior with window tinting from Metal Magic.

  • - Keeps your vehicle interior cooler on hot days
  • - Possible deterrent to car thieves
  • - Protects seats from sunlight damage
  • - Lowers interior temperature
  • - Protects your privacy
  • - Improves the look of your vehicle


Window Tinting Services Tacoma

Interior-Repairs-Metal-magicMetal Magic offers high quality window tinting services.  Our window tinting services are fast and affordable.  Window tinting services at Metal Magic are guaranteed.  

With our window tinting services your window tinting won’t peel in the sun.  We do window tinting right, so your vehicle looks as hot as you want it to.  Get professional window tinting from Metal Magic today.

  • - High quality window tinting products
  • - Same-day window tinting
  • - Guarantee on all window tinting services
  • - In-house window tinting services


Window Tinting Makes & Models

Chevy Car & Truck Window Tinting • Ford Car Truck Window Tinting • Toyota Car & Truck Window Tinting • Dodge Car & Truck Window Tinting • Mercedes Car Widnow Tinting • Volkswagen Car Window Tinting • Mazda Car Window Tinting • Nissan Car Window Tinting • Subaru Window Tinting • Lexus Car Window Tinting • BMW Car Window Tinting • Audi Window Tinting • Acura Window Tinting • Cadillac Window Tinting


Get the “metal makeover” you need at Metal Magic.  Contact us today for the best in paintless dent repair.