Clear Bra/Paint Film Protection

Protect your vehicles metal with the Clear Bra paint protection film.  Rocks from passenger and construction vehicles can send rocks flying onto your vehicle.  These rocks leave ugly chips and scratches.  The Clear Bra paint protection film prevents these problems for you.

The Clear Bra paint protection film protects your automotive paint.  The most common areas covered are fenders, hoods, bumpers, door edges, door cups, mirrors, and lights.

Because we custom cut every film protection job we do, we can literally  cover your entire vehicle with film or just certain parts, its up to you.

  • - Prevents rock chips from scratching your vehicle
  • - Protects vehicle metal from fading or dulling
  • - Helps your paint job stand out
  • - Easy to maintain and clean
  • - Protects your auto body exterior
  • - Larger pieces of paint film available

If you have a vehicle with a nice paint job you want it protected.  The Clear Bra provides excellent paint protection.  You won’t have to worry about your paint finish.  The Clear Bra provides paint protection for every inch of your vehicle.

Clear Bra is hand cut and hand wrapped.  The Clear Bra protects your paint from rocks, insects, dust and other problems.  Clear Bra provides the ultimate paint protection.  Let the Clear Bra installers at Metal Magic apply Clear Bra on your vehicles.

  • - Auto paint protection
  • - Protects against rocks, insects and debris
  • - Stops fading from sunlight
  • - Great for car collectors and car shows
  • - Covers fenders, bumpers, hood and trunk
  • - Can cover your entire vehicle