Tired of those old stains and fading areas in your vehicle? Remove them with interior repairs from Metal Magic. Metal Magic offers thorough and fast interior repairs. Interior repairs remove cigarette burns. Interior repairs restore worn out seats damaged by constant rubbing by passengers. With interior repairs your vehicle will transform into a vehicle you’re proud to let others ride in. Save time and money with our interior repairs.

Toys used by kids can create holes in your leather and vinyl. And your seats can be damaged by pet stains, clawing and scratching. Interior repairs will quickly remove these interior disasters for your convenience. We’ll get your vehicle looking and smelling like new. We provide interior repairs to replace the entire panel of your seats and patch it right. Metal Magic will repair your vehicle dashboards, seats, paneling, floors and carpets. Contact Metal Magic for high quality interior repairs.

• Repair for vehicle interiors

• Seats, dashboards and carpets

• Vehicle floors and paneling

• Pet stains and puncture marks

• Removal of dyes, stains and old food

• Removes cigarette burns