At Metal Magic, we specialize in wheel repair and refinishing. From straightening wheels and fixing cracks to corrosion repair, curb damage, and powder coating.

Our technicians have been in the Wheel Repair industry for over a decade and have seen it all, and fixed most of it!

Most repairs can be done in only a few hours with an appointment, and even most walk-in work is usually a 24 hour turnaround. We can give estimates in person and through email with a picture of the damage, as well as give you an idea on how long we will need to repair it. We have worked on just about every vehicle you can imagine, from a Gremlin to a Morgan Aero 8 to Tesla.

Gouges or scrapes also make your wheels look highly unattractive. And your wheels can be become bent if scraped against a curb to hard. Protect your wheels with our wheel repair service. Wheel repair straightens your wheels for safer driving and better handling. Wheel repair from Metal Magic guarantees your wheels will look and work properly. Bring in your vehicle, so we can inspect your problem. We will restore your wheels at an affordable price.

• Repairs gouges and bent wheels

• Wheel repainting to look like new

• Black, silver and gun metal grey colors

• Gives your wheels and attractive look

• Same-day service

• Guaranteed wheel repair