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Windshield Replacement Windshield Replacement Service


Tacoma Windshield ReplacementHail is a major cause of windshield damage.  Windshields can be damaged by baseballs and golf balls.  Windshields can have tree sap build-up.  Windshields can be damaged by wind, gravel and deer.  If your windshield has multiple cracks, chips and holes it’s time for windshield replacement.  Windshield replacement removes your old windshield in place of a new one.  You’ll drive in safety and in peace with windshield replacement.

  • - Gives you a new and functional windshield
  • - Protects vehicle occupants
  • - No more cracks, holes and chips
  • - Meets local and federal guidelines
  • - Easy to clean and maintain
  • - Provides a safe driving environment


Windshield Replacement Service

Tacoma Rock ChiP repairContact Metal Magic for windshield replacement service.  Windshield replacement service gives your vehicle a brand new windshield.  Windshield replacement service stops windshield cracks from spreading.  Our windshield replacement service removes sap that eats through windshields.  Why put up with sap-filled windshields and windshields that leak?  Get reliable windshield replacement service from Metal Magic.

  • - Chip repair
  • - Filling for windshield cracks
  • - Stops cracks from spreading
  • - Will replace your entire windshield
  • - Same-day windshield replacement
  • - Meets local and federal standards
  • - Remove outdated and unsafe windshields


Get the “metal makeover” you need at Metal Magic.  Contact us today for the best in Tacoma paintless dent repair.